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Ivar’s Succession is a medieval, fantasy first person shooter based on an island in the South American ocean. On the island resides a powerful wizard whom has crafted a key of great power. It has drawn the attention of pirates, thieves and even empirical navies, all wanting to obtain its power and discover its secrets. The player will take on the role of a slave on one of these pirate ships, dumped on to this island to try and retrieve the key. Whilst it sounds straightforward, the island is guarded by wolves conjured by the dark arts in the Great wizard, Ricardo’s image. Rising from what seems the very clay the player walks on, these wolves will not hesitate to cut down any invaders that cross their sights.

The player’s goal is to find the key on the island and bring it back to the ship safely. It is located in a small shrine somewhere on the island. If the player can survive this trial then they will have garnered another day to hope for their impossible freedom…

Install instructions

All you have to do id download the game, extract all of the content into another folder and run the "Ivar's Succession Release" launcher with the Unity Icon. 

Next just enjoy the game and let us know what you thought!


Ivar's Succession.rar 56 MB

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